In Plain Sight Of Johnston County

About Me

I have been in the upholstery industry for 35 years.  I consider myself fortunate to have met thousands of amazing people and thoroughly enjoy getting to know my clients on some small level. I do commercial and home upholstery and while I am not a decorator/interior designer, I do work with many great artists in that area.  I now own my own business and my shop is here at home which allows me to minimize overhead and keep my costs to a minimum which results in lower prices for my work.  While I do require income to pay bills, I do not have any aspirations to become wealthy. I love my work and the happiness I see in my clients eyes, day in and day out. I have, and do, work for high end decorators and single mothers and honestly enjoy the goal in every situation.  I do not view my labor as a means to a check,  I see my assisting my clients, no matter how big or small their vision, as how I sleep well at night, knowing I helped someone and they, in return, have helped me in more than one way.

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Hours: 10 am to 6 pm Monday thru Friday with special appointment options available.