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Frequently Asked Question

- Why would I spend the money to have my furniture upholstered?

This is a great question and that option may very well work in your situation. However, mass produced furniture is not made very well (unless you are expected to pay well into the thousands of dollars) and mass produced furniture uses mutual color schemes designed to fit into everyone’s home right off of the truck. Re-upholstering your furniture affords you the opportunity to keep the furniture that you already have, to utilize fabric that you choose and is not chosen for you, and to attend to any repairs or worn areas of your own furniture. 


-How much does upholstery cost?

Most times upholstery costs far less than purchasing new furniture. Pieces that may not be less expensive to recover than purchase new would be recliners and sectional sofas with recliners and motorized features. The part of recovering your furniture that is often the culprit is the price of the fabric that you choose. While upholstery prices, are wide ranging from shop to shop, are usually not an economic deal breaker, fabrics range in price from as low as $20/yard to thousands of dollars a yard. Deals on fabric can be found from several places, including local fabric stores and online, and we will be happy to help you in your fabric choices in any way that we can.


- What do I need to know when shopping for fabric?

Another great question! Upholstery fabric is different than drapery fabric and fabrics that you purchase from local retail chains, while offering good fabric, do sometimes have differences that you should be aware of. When I give you a yardage quote I am referring to yardage based on the roll being 54” wide. Some outlets and chain retail stores offer fabric but it is less than 54” wide. Fabric that is narrower will often require more fabric to complete your upholstery job.

Secondly, if your fabric has a pattern whose repeat is more than 12” – 15” a few extra yards may be needed to ensure that I have enough fabric to match the pattern on your furniture properly. If you aren’t sure, I will be happy to assist you.

Railroaded VS Up The Roll. This is a fabric related term that is very valuable for certain upholstery jobs. For a fabric to be up the roll, it simply means that if you place the fabric on the floor or table and roll it out, positioning yourself at the end of the fabric with the unrolled portion in front of you, if you see the top and bottom of the pattern from this perspective, it is up the roll. This means that if your furniture is more than 52” wide, seams will be required to cover that area and will require more fabric if the pattern has a large repeat. Railroaded simply means that if you roll the fabric out from right to left, positioning yourself looking at the fabric with one edge being top and the other the bottom, is is railroaded. Just like when we stand in front of railroad tracks waiting for a train to pass. Up the roll and railroaded simply refer to how the fabric should be viewed.


-My furniture has broken parts. Can you repair them or is the furniture useless due to the broken part?

There are certain “upkeep” issues that all furniture eventually experiences and these repairs are fairly inexpensive. For example, jute webbing, as it ages, begins to stretch and doesn't support the springs as it should. Re-webbing a chair or sofa is a $25-$35 dollar repair. The jute rope used to tie coil springs and hold them in place stretches as it ages, as well. The cost to re-tire the springs is in the same range as re-webbing. Broken springs, or boards, can usually be repaired for less than $50. Cushions are made of foam rubber which ages and initially will become softer than it was when new, but the next step in the aging process is that the foam becomes hard and will turn to dust, literally. If your foam is showing signs of aging and isn’t too advanced, we offer the option of wrapping your cushion(s) with a dacron cushion. This will extend the life of your cushion for a while. If you had rather go ahead and replace the cushion(s), this can be done for roughly $50 per cushion. If you are wondering if repairing your furniture is worth the cost, give us a call and we will be happy to give you our honest opinion and estimate so that you have an idea what you are looking at cost wise.


-The wood portions of my furniture is scratched up and not as pretty as it once was. What should I do about that?

Normal signs of wear and tear on the exposed wood of your furniture is touched up on every project that we complete for our clients. Simple breaks and cuts in the wood can also be easily and inexpensively repaired. I have painted the exposed wood on furniture many times to completely change the appearance of the furniture. Bringing back the woods sheen and brilliance or changing the woods appearance all together is not a problem and certainly not worth taking your furniture to the landfill. We can bring it back to its original beauty.


-Do you charge a pick up and/or delivery fee?

If the pieces to be picked up and delivered are within 30 miles of my shop there is no travel fee associated in the charge. Depending on the distance grater than 30 miles, the fee for pick up and delivery would start at $50 and increase accordingly if other arrangements cannot be made.


-Are your pickup and delivery staff using precautions relating to COVID?

Yes, we absolutely are.  We wear mask while on our clients property as well as applying sanitizer to our hands before going into your home.  When we return your reupholstered furniture you have the option for us to spray your furniture with a fabric safe product similar to Lysol, free of charge.  We go the extra mile to make sure that your family is safe while we are in your home.  We would never want to transmit Covid to anyone and even though we may not test as having a fever or symptoms, we still wear masks because we value you and are dedicated to ensuring you have a positive experience with us.




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